• HKS820B Portable IPL RF Multifunction system

    Model:  HKS820B
    Trade Terms:  
    E-light, IPL, RF

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    Product Parameter:

    *Treatment Probe:3pc

    No. 1 with 5filter( 15*50mm)
    430-1200nm for Acne
    480-1200nm for age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles
    560-1200nm for Skin rejuvenation
    590-1200nm for red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins.
    640-1200nm for hair removal
    750-1200nm for hair removal on dark skin(optional)

    No.2 big size RF probe for body treatment

    No.3 small size Rf probe for face treatment

    *Lamp longevity:60000shots
    *RF Frequency:10M Hz
    *RF output model: pulse & continue
    *RF category:bipolar
    *RF Energy 15-50J
    *IPL Energy:15-50J
    *Pulse Number:1-15 adjust
    *Pulse Width:1.0-10.0 adjust
    *Pulse delay:1-50 adjust
    *Pulse type:single/double/triple
    *Shot period:1-4second adjust

    *Display:8.4 inch touch display
    *Cooling system:Wind+water+semiconductor
    *Certifications:CE Medical,ROHS
    *Pakcge size:70*58*35 cm
    *Free part:laser glasses,funnel,goggles
    Order Details & Factory Recommendation:
    The special logo is available, which will be free of charge if the quantity is more than 20unit on order.

    About the shipment, marine and express (Fedex, UPS, DHL and TNT) will be available:
    --Express: the fastest and safiest way, it will delivery from our factory to your door, time is usually on 5-7days. It is also the most expensive shipment, so it will be suitable for the sample order, or urgent order;
    --Marine, the lowest price shipment, it will take 20-40days delivery to the seaport, in this way, you need to handle the import declare by yourself. It will be competitive in the large order
    Product Photograph :
    *Hair removal(Include Dark skin)
    *Skin rejuvenation
    *Red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins.
    *Age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles

    *Skin lifting
    *Improve conditions of sagging skin
    *Forehead wrinkle removal
    *Breast lifting
    *Shape body contour
    *Hand care, effective on removal whelk and scars
    Brand Advantages :
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    E-light Treatment Principle:
    1. Release IPL and RF at the same time. Since the light power is much less than that in IPL, under the condition of not hurting epidermis tissue, more energy is absorbed by benign vascular and pigmented lesions and at the same time stimulate the growth of collagen promote skin elasticity.
    2. Stimulate the growth of collagen while overcome side effect of IPL treatment (IPL and laser): not enough energy penetrating depth and possible pigmentation by melanin, so we can acclaim RF is a perfect usage on dermal collagen growth. Firstly the collagen shrinks when heat works caused by RF works on collagen fibrous layer, which makes the skin tighten and wrinkles on face. Then the heat transmitted on dermal layer stimulates new collagen growth to repair aged and damaged collagen layer.
    3. E-light is absorbed by acne target and release oxygen ions to kill acne bacteria, while remove pigmentation and smooth acne scar.

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